This is the Guidelines on how to run a Persistent World, designed to highlight best practices and provide standardized instructions. These are designed to be usable by various types of worlds, whether role playing worlds, action oriented worlds, or player vs player (PVP) worlds. Some of these guidelines will make your world run better, and others are designed to ensure that various PW's and their activities do not affect each other more than necessary.

This is designed to allow the various PW admins to share their knowledge, and to make it easier for players to join a Persistent World. The Guidelines work as a list of things for various individuals to look out for, as they tend to be in various categories; Player, Builder, DM, Host, and Scripter. These tend to be separate roles, even though sometimes one person can do more than one.

  • The Player is the end user of the game, who is both the consumer and primary beneficiary of all the work that goes into a persistent world.
  • The Builder is the person who designs Areas and encounters of the world.
  • The DM is in the game, and enforces rules, as well as controlling many aspects of the game.
  • The Designer is the person who creates the history and lore of the world.
  • The host is the person who runs the computer that acts as the server
  • The scripter is the programmer who manages more advanced aspects of the game

Player Reference InstructionsEdit

The provided articles linked to below is designed to be copied and customized for your server to instruct players on what they can do in general to make the game run better, and to avoid things that can affect the entire server. This is designed to be simple enough for an average player to follow, with links to helpful resources. Or you can just link to the article directly as it is helpful as is.

Updaters and making them easy to followEdit

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PW ReferencesEdit

What is a crashEdit

Updaters and making them easy to followEdit

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