Ophala Cheldarstorn is a retired adventurer turned publican, owner of the Moonstone Mask and a member of the Many-Starred Cloak. In recent years, she has transformed the Moonstone Mask from a brothel into an expensive nightclub, and maintains ties to Neverwinter's nobility. She was a minor NPC in both Neverwinter Nights games.

Official campaignEdit

"Ophala is a tall, statuesque beauty who dresses and carries herself in a manner calculated to maximize her considerable charm. She smiles when you make eye contact."
Ophala apparently knew Neeshka when she lived in Neverwinter, and provides her the location of Leldon's hideout after his thugs began harassing her when she returned to the city with the PC. During Act II, the Mask came under attack by Ammon Jerro who was after a shard carried by Melia, a member of the Neverwinter Nine disguised as a Mask entertainer. Ophala and most of the dancers remained unharmed, though shaken, by the demon raid. Her whereabouts in Act III during the evacuation are unknown.


  • Ophala's appearance in Neverwinter Nights 2 differs considerably from the first game. In the first game she was depicted as a voluptuous blonde, while in NWN2 she has brown hair and is considerably slimmer.

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