A world and time where dragons rule the skies and massive battles besiege the land below. The gods seek out hidden agendas using man and monster a like to further their goals. Darkness broods on the horizon and you must fight for what you believe. Choose your path and battle for the fate of the world!

Noreshia is custom setting created for NwN2 as a persistent world RP server. With a detailed, underlying story un-folding throughout the life of the mod, there will be a great deal of work to ensure the world is kept interesting and challenging, while promoting a high quality level of RP and allowing for balanced PvP. Most importantly, is the fact that player interaction will lead to the evolution of the world. Noreshia is making its debut in NwN2 with hopes that the advanced capabilities of the toolset will provide the tools necessary to construct a rich world. We’ve been in development since May of 2005 and will continue to develop the world throughout the life of the mod.

Noreshia Home

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