Previous Development: HAZE II Edit

Development on Project: Narumer was postponed until early January 2007. The project title was deemed irrelevant, and on April 10th the name of the persistent world was changed to Nexus.

Controversy Edit

In February 2006, after abruptly leaving with donated funds from the community, Nerva’s absence forced production to cease.

Out of Date Edit

Promotion efforts used the following background story for H2N.

Gather your friends and signal your return to Narumer. Riches remain in this realm of horror. Great foes still await your challenge. Powerful spells are ready to be mastered. Mystery, intrigue, and danger is in ever corner of the world. Pick up your sword, shield, and magic, and wield it against the darkness (or light). Seek your fame. Bind your allies. Forge your destiny.

Cold Thread Studios presents Narumer, a revolution in evolution. Myth Naruilnamaar was lost to The People long ago. It was said that when the magic there was so corrupt, the forests and mountains stood toward the heavens and left for the sea. It waded through the ocean until it came upon a resting spot and became the Forbidden Island. A great council of lords left Cormanthyr in search of this myth. And never returned. - Lord Mage Ibuildar Imawen, telling of an Elven legend: "Havoc In Midmists Lost" - HAZE 2: Narumer

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