Off the coast of the Lands of Intrigue, mid-way through the pirate-ridden waters of the dangerous Nelanther, lies a hidden pearl; the isle of Amahl. Ancient legends, unexplored wilderness, and great treasure are scattered throughout a network of islands dotting the southern waters on the Sword Coast. Within these mysterious and alluring islands are unlimited possibilities for exploration and adventure. Calchaisport forms the centre of activity on the Isle of Amahl, and faces the Dragon-head of the Velen Peninsular strong against the many threats to the area...

Nelanther Tales is a roleplay focused Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2. It is based in the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms setting several years after WOTC's official timeline, whilst maintaining the ruleset of NWN2. The project is headed up by a core founding, design, and dm staff, who have past experience in a staff position on a Neverwinter Vault Hall of Fame PW.

We hope to build a strong community that puts quality roleplaying and classic D&D adventure at the core of its enjoyment in a PW setting. Our main site, forums, and Players Manual can be found at our website. As well, you can find us at our IRC chat on at #Nelanthertales.

We hope to you choose to come aboard and experience, contribute and enjoy the spirit and thrill of Nelanther for yourself.

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