Naga comprise a variety of similar species of intelligent aberrations with widely differing abilities and alignments. Naga appear as large snake like creatures with humanoid torsos.

They often range widely in coloring and scale patterns, but are all usually about the same size. Most will 'stand' at a height about equal to or just above that of a regular human (six feet or so), but because of the length of their trailing tails they can raise themselves up by a few feet, to intimidate foes, or simply get a better view. The four most common races of naga are the dark naga, guardian naga, spirit naga, and water naga.


Naga, resembling giant snakes, vary in appearance. Some have humanoid heads and some are more snake-like, and the torso may or may not be covered in scales. Each type of naga has a certain amount of spell casting power.


Naga were created by the reptilian creator race, the sarrukh, along with yuan-ti. The banelar and iridescent naga originated in the Realms, as well as a Faerûnian version of the ha-naga.

Related creaturesEdit

Nagahydra - Five-headed abomination combining features of naga and hydras.


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