NWVault, also known as Neverwinter Vault or The Vault, is the largest repository of player-made game content for NWN and NWN2. The Vault went down several years ago, the files from the old Vault are hosted at the community run, along with new content.

The ign Vault was located at

Errol "Maximus" Pinto - Was the Site Administrator of
Maximus took over from Valen in April 2001 after following the site for over a year. He's been driving the site ever since through two site designs and now in it's current form using all brand new systems. Having played D&D since the age of 11, he especially has a soft spot for DM'ing. In October of 2003 his wife gave birth to his first daughter, Grace, and then in December of 2004, he was blessed again with another daughter named Sage. His favorite sport is training in a sport called Thai-ju-jitsu. It's a mixed martial art which combines Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian ground fighting.

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