Mulsantir is a city in southern Rashemen along the Golden Way trade route through the Unapproachable East. Shrouded in a cold mist, Mulsantir clings to the bluffs that overlook the Mulsantir River. The wychlaran reigning over the city is Sheva Whitefeather, along with her assistants Kazimika Vadoi and Katya. It serves as the main hub for the Mask of the Betrayer expansion campaign.

In the center of Mulsantir, near the thriving bazaar, is one of Mulsantir's oldest landmarks: the Veil Theater. With its distinctive, circular architecture and brightly colored banners, it is difficult to miss. Foreigners typically gather at the Sloop - a seedy tavern near Mulsantir's ferry landing. By unspoken agreement, the Witches leave the Sloop and its patrons in peace. The ferry landing provides transit across River Mulsantir for travelers along the Golden Way. It is also a staging point for the witchboat patrols that help keep Rashemen safe from Thayan incursions across Lake Mulsantir.

Other locales in the town include Temple of Kelemvor, Ice Troll Lodge, the prison, and the Temple of the Three where the wychlaran revere the triune goddess: Chauntea, Mielikki, and Mystra.

In Mulsantir, the boundaries between the Plane of Shadow and the Material Plane are especially thin, particularly at night. It is rumored that occasionally an unfortunate resident will stumble into, or be pulled into, the city's shadowy reflection. Some outlaws use the Shadow Mulsantir as a place to hide from and subvert the witches' authority.

If the PC chooses to devour Akachi at the end of the campaign, the PC will destroy Mulsantir.

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