Mount Celestia is the lawful good outer plane of existence, home to numerous celestial creatures including various types of angels and archons, the petitioners of this plane. Celestia is the ultimate in law and good. All aspects of Celestia are beautiful and perfect; it is where the souls of many creatures of lawful good alignment go after death.

As an outer plane, Celestia is spatially infinite, further consisting of seven infinite layers (or sub-planes). The seven individual layers form a colossal (perhaps infinite) mountain that rises from an infinite sea of holy water on the bottommost layer, to the summit on the topmost layer. Ascending the mountain is analogous to traveling through subsequently higher or 'deeper' layers to the top. Each of the different layers consists of various beautiful mountainous environments becoming more breathtaking the higher the mountain is ascended.


In ascending order:

  • Lunia: Known as the Silver Heaven due to the freshwater sea of holy water. There are many portals to other planes here, and the sea acts as a deterrent to unwanted visitors from the Lower Planes.
  • Mercuria: Known as the Golden Heaven due to a mysterious golden light glowing within it. Many tombs, archon settlements, and metallic dragons live here.
  • Venya: Known as the Pearly Heaven due to the snowy landscape. The realm of the halfling deities is located here.
  • Solania: Known as the Crystal Heaven due to the many crystal mines. The layer is mostly valleys filled with luminescent fogs and strange scents. A large number of monasteries, cathedrals, and shrines are on this layer.
  • Mertion: Known as the Platinum Heaven, this layer is filled with many citadels for paladin orders.
  • Jovar: Known as the Glittering Heaven due to the fact the hills are studded with shiny gemstones.
  • Chronias: Known as the Illuminated Heaven, is the topmost layer of Celestia. No account or description of Chronias exists, as no entity that has ever entered has ever returned. It is thought those that ascend to this layer ultimately merge with the essence of the plane itself.

House of the TriadEdit

Surrounding the central mountain are three sister mountains known as the House of the Triad, the realms of Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr.

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