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Morden's Legacy is an adaptation of a PnP campaign created 12 years ago using the AD&D 2nd Edition system. It was originally named The Land of the Three Knights and was meant to be played by one party of six adventurers starting at level one. It's was a work of fiction that had no connections with known universes under the license of TSR.

This campaign is now the foundation for this new project: Morden's Legacy.

I must point out that it is not a remake of the former campaign but rather a source of inspiration for this one, it's a good story that we have adapted to make a multiplayer universe. Many aspects of it's original content is modified better fit a multiplayer environment.

First, we decided to make it persistant. We want the players to feel that the actions they take in the game have an impact and bear consequences for what is to come, that a failed quest is a missed opportunity to aquire knowledge, fame or riches. The cause you will chose may well be slowed or greatly promoted depending on the very actions you will take.

Second, we have set in place specific factions. The world is made of different groups of people who may, or may not, cooperate together. Some are even hostile toward each other. This is used to manage PvP in a friendly and role played fashion. These factions are represented by guilds, militias and other various types of groups that are key players in the big scheme. Any newly created character belongs automaticaly to a default faction but can change allegance at some point in his life.

Morden's Legacy will be a low magic server focused toward Roleplaying.

To get started and see what Morden's Legacy can offer you, join us at :

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