Type of feat
Base attack bonus +1
Required for

This feat grants the ability to wield weapons that are normally two-handed for your race with only one hand at a -2 penalty to hit. For example: a human could wield a greatsword and a shield using this feat, while a halfling could wield a longsword in each hand. Medium sized characters (humans, half-orcs, elves, dwarves, etc) with this feat can use giant weapons (with -2 to hit). Note that this ability only applies to melee weapons and does not affect the use of crossbows, bows, etc.



  • The attack penalty applies only when using the off-hand.
  • When a character equips a two-handed weapon with one hand (such as when using a shield) using this feat, it is generally treated as a one-handed weapon, and there will be no double Power Attack damage or 1.5x strength bonus.
  • When a small character equips a Rapier using this feat, Weapon Finesse is applicable without losing the 1.5x strength bonus (if empty off-hand). The use of Power Attack will be disabled, however.
  • Contrary to the description, this feat also applies to ranged weapons (such as the longbow).
  • The most popular use of this feat is to allow Stormlords to wield both a spear and a shield. With the spell Magic Vestment along with high spellcasting levels, shields are a large source of AC for Cleric or Favored Soul Stormlord characters, while the Spear is the only melee weapon which allows the enhancement bonuses from the Stormlord class.

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