Midgard Saga
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Midgard Saga is set in the chaotic times of Europe (Danland = Denmark Jarnugaland = Germany) during the dark ages of history. Rumours are spreading like wildfire throughout Midgard that a great evil has emerged in the cold north of the known world.

Instead of investigating these rumours, mankind is too busy fighting eachother over religious and political power, aswell with resources, and land.

The norsemen where first on the continent, and then the christian priests arrived and they are doing all they can to cleanse the world of witchcraft, and heresy. But in their view, most other races are of evil origin. Dark elves, Dwarves, Trolls and Daemons; they are all the same to the champions of christianity.

Now, a long lost island has been rediscovered by exploring norsemen. Full of riches, the island is drawing adventurers from all the lands of Midgard, but not only riches is to be found on the island of Gaardavik... Some ruins suggest to an eailer time periode of human kind has lived here.

Will the vigilent christians or the heathen vikings be able to put their quarrels aside and stand united against the ancient terror that awakens in the north of Gaardavik, or will Midgard fall forever?

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