Bard 4 / Paladin 6/ Red Dragon Disciple 10/ Dwarven defender 10

This build is designed to be extremely tough: saving throws in the 30s with epic resilience, over 500 hp, damage resistance, can't be sneak attacked, and very high AC in rather average items . The keys to the AC are divine shield, ac bonus from RDD, and the AC bonus from DD. Give him mythril full plate, natural armor +5 necklace, bracers of armor 10, ring of protection +5, and boots of the sun soul +5 (use magic device), nymph cloak +8, heavy shield +5. All of these bonuses do stack, not saying if they should or not just that they do in-game. It looks like I should be able to get about 81 ac with Betrayer gear. (Permanent no buff ac is about 70, though divine shield lasts for over 10 rounds a pop and there are 11 uses of it per day.)

Strengths (this is in the gear listed above): 75 ac, extremely high saves (30+), RDD abilities, DD damage reduction and improved uncanny dodge, epic divine might, epic resilience (which is great with high saves), divine shield, high hp (18 con 20 levels at 12 hd), 26 BAB, 30 lore, 30 spell craft, 30 diplomacy, 20 UMD, 20 tumble, points left over.

Weaknesses: Good but not amazing damage. Touch attacks will be a problem; No evasion; 2 early levels of XP penalty; need to become lawful before level 5 from neutral; still can be hit by super high strength cleric builds with less than a 20.

Character CreationEdit

STR 14 22
DEX 12 13
CON 16 18
INT 14 16
WIS 8 8
CHA 15 24
Base attack bonus 26
Fortitude save 32
Reflex save 21
Will save 27
Spell resistance
Hit Points 504
Natural AC 19 (naked)*

Skills (as found in BoTB):

  • Spot 33 (May be replaced by Diplomacy in Campaigns)
  • Concentration: 30
  • Spellcraft 30
  • Tumble 20
  • Lore 8
  • Taunt 7
  • Use Magic Device 7
  • Diplomacy 4
  • Perform 3 (Needed for Inspire Competence
    • Actually, the author does not seem to give his build enough credit. I believe that naked AC is 23. See discussion page.


First off I admit this is a cheesy build. You'll take an XP hit for two early levels and you need an alignment change. That said you'll end up with impressive damage, solid damage resistance, amazing saves, and can hit 75 ac with items from the original campaign.

Despite the alignment shift, the character is pretty clearly and thematically focused on being one tough dwarf that can just take a beating and keep on going. Role playing the character isn't that bad and it is decently powerful from level one and really starts shining in the late teens.

Damage Calculations (this is with a shield)

Mundane Gear no stat items with shield:

Main Hand Attack Bonus: +37/+32/+27/+22/+17/+12
22 Strength, d, 6 attacks per round(26 bab )-- 
5.5 (waraxe) + 11(strength) +24(epic divine might) * 6 
 = 243 damage per round + 72.9 critical damage per round(10% critical damage and x3)
 = 315.9 total damage per round

Max Gear: +10 weapon with max elemental enchants, 12 str belt, nymph cloak +10, haste, shield

Main Hand Attack Bonus: +53/+53/+48/+32/+27/+22/+17
34 str, dwarven waraxe (1d10, 19-20 x3), 7 attacks per round(26 bab and haste gear)--
5.5(waraxe) + 10(weapon enchant) + 52.5(elemental enchants) + 17 (strength) +34(epic divine might)  x 7 
 = 714 damage per round / 214.2 critical damage per round(10% critical damage and x3)
 =938.2 total damage per round

Character Progression TableEdit

1Bard 1 Luck of Heroes Inspiration:Inspire Courage
2Bard 2 Inspiration: Inspire Competence
3Bard 3 Toughness
4Bard 4 DEX +1
5Paladin (Alignment Change) Smite Evil
6Paladin 2 Power Attack Divine Grace, Lay on Hands
7Paladin 3 Aura of Courage
8Red Dragon Disciple 1 +1 Natural Armor CHA +1
9Red Dragon Disciple 2 Dodge +2 STR
10Red Dragon Disciple 3
11Red Dragon Disciple 4 +1 Natural Armor, +2 STR
12Red Dragon Disciple 5 Improved Critical Blind Fight CHA +1
13Red Dragon Disciple 6
14Red Dragon Disciple 7 Natural Armor +1, CON +2
15Paladin 4 Divine Shield Turn Undead
16Red Dragon Disciple 8 CHA +1
17Red Dragon Disciple 9
18Paladin 5 Divine Might
19Red Dragon Disciple 10 +1 AC, STR +4, CHA +2
20Dwarven Defender 1 Defensive Stance, +1 Dodge ACCHA +1
21Dwarven Defender 2 Epic Divine Might Uncanny Dodge
22Dwarven Defender 3
23Dwarven Defender 4 Epic Toughness Trap Sense, +1 Dodge AC
24Dwarven Defender 5 CHA +1
25Dwarven Defender 6 Epic Resilience Damage Reduction 3/-, Improved Uncanny Dodge
26Dwarven Defender 7 +1 Dodge AC
27Dwarven Defender 8 Great CHA
28Dwarven Defender 10 CHA +1
29Dwarven Defender 10 Epic Prowess +1 Dodge AC, Damage Reduction 6/-
30Paladin 6 Remove Disease

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