Long Gait

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Type of feat
Gray Orc
Required for

Gray Orcs are able to take much larger strides than average humanoids, this results in a 10% movement speed bonus.


Gameplay NotesEdit

  • This stacks with Woodland Stride, Dash, Fast movement and Monk Speed. However alignment, and multiclass restrictions prevent you from stacking them too heavily without hurting the characters spellcasting/combat skills or time it takes to level up.
  • Note: A Cleric who chooses the Plant Domain and Travel Domain would get a Druid's Woodland Stride and a Barbarian's Fast Movement class feats at Cleric Level 1 and then could simultaneously gain both Cleric caster levels and Monk speed increases by becoming a Sacred Fist.  For completeness, such a Cleric/Monk/Sacred Fist could also take three levels of Neverwinter Nine to get Frantic Reactions, which provides yet another 10% speed boost during battle, but it probably would be preferable to take 3 Monk levels for +10 in speed instead.

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