// Levels up a creature using default settings.
// If successfull it returns the level the creature now is, or 0 if it fails.
// If you want to give them a different level (ie: Give a Fighter a level of Wizard)
//    you can specify that in the nClass.
// However, if you specify a class to which the creature no package specified,
//   they will use the default package for that class for their levelup choices.
//   (ie: no Barbarian Savage/Wizard Divination combinations)
// If you turn on bReadyAllSpells, all memorized spells will be ready to cast without resting.
// if nPackage is PACKAGE_INVALID then it will use the starting package assigned to that class or just the class package
int LevelUpHenchman(object oCreature, int nClass = CLASS_TYPE_INVALID, int bReadyAllSpells = FALSE, int nPackage = PACKAGE_INVALID);

Note: this function is incredibly useful and is in no way restricted to Henchmen. The warnings that the function will fail if the class prerequisites are not met or if the creature didn't follow his level-up package, are leftovers from NWN1 and are no longer justified. This is the only function that can be used to make any multiclass combination you want, through scripting.

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