Type: Social
Status: Inactive
Laguarda was a social server with adult content. The server appears to have gone offline in 2010.

What we are offeringEdit

You can play how ever you want as long as you don't disturb other people's RP or ruin their fun. We encourage sexual and romantic RP, you can also RP BDSM but it's not the main focus of the world. The module features an extensive job system which offers many possibility's including being able to build your own business or buying your own shop,and selling the goods you made in it.

We seek mostly people interested in roleplaying, but all are welcome in Laguarda and will be helped by players or DM if they need them. There are IC laws in Laguarda, you're free to break them but expect to face the consequences. So be sure to read up about them if you do not want your character to get into any sort of trouble.

Sensuality, flirting and teasing are encouraged, so keep the mood up and hot if possible.

DMs will not interfere in IC affairs and politics, that is our charter. What the city allows or forbids is up to the players who rule the town and the council. Laguarda is about player freedom to envision, and play thier characters they create, reguardless of class or race, without worry of restriction by the DM or ownership staff. We want a fun place for players to play provided they do follow the Server Rules of Conduct and Respect Towards Others.

We'll keep you entertained as much as possible with DM events and will do our best to listen to any suggestion our players may have.


Age requirementEdit

You MUST be 18 years old or over to be able to play in this module, due to the sexual content or possible violence you can see. This is a social server where people can enjoy themself via "Cybering". If we discover that you are underage, you will be asked to leave the module and will be banned until you get the required age or are able to prove us the contrary.

PvP RulesEdit

We have chosen to keep the server Full PvP to avoid godmodding and give new RP possibilties, besides, There is a rule : Both parties have to consent before a fighting can start between players. So make sure you have the permission from the other players before you attack them. If you break this rule, penalties will be incurred. Screen shots will be asked as proof for the DM team to act...

Slave rulesEdit

  • Laguarda allows slavery, but any slave will need to be registered to the proper authorities. You can choose to play a slave from the beginning, being captured, or give yourself to a citizen. Concerning capture, same rule as PvP applies, both sides need to give their consent to allow collaring..
  • Slaves can be used for anything, nevertheless, a slave can complain to authorities with testimonies from two trusted free persons, then the King/Queen can decide to remove the slave from the owner or not. Everything will depend on proof shown at the trial...
  • Slaves can equally be freed if they ask the King or Queen, it's entirely up to them, they will also take in to consideration the owner's position....
  • Slaves can be purchased from the Crown, or from another owner, or either exchanged with another slave or captured as long as both sides have given consent for it to another.

Sexual RPEdit

  • Every RP that involves sex or bdsm needs consent from both parties. If you have any doubt on the age of your partner,send a tell or a PM to the DM's, with a screenshot. Any Sex RP can be cancelled by redlights. Continuing to RP sex, bondage, SM or torture when your partner says stop OOC'ly might put you in big trouble. You can play a underage char, but it is strictly forbidden to involve them in any sexual RP. If you rape IC'ly your partner, expect reactions from authorities...

Respect towards othersEdit

All players should be treated with respect OOC. Harrassment and/or insulting other players in OOC is not allowed here. Laguarda is about player freedom to envision, and play thier characters they create, reguardless of class or race, without worry of restriction or harrassment or persecution OOC. In Character actions could lead to In Character consequences, but should never be dragged into OOC. As stated in the PvP Rules section ...... If you break this rule, penalties will be inflicted to the offender. Screen shots will be asked as proof for the DM team to act...

How to act and talk to a DMEdit

DMs are here to help you, if a DM gives you an order, obey, unless this order is over the top (deleveling you for no reason, asking you to make something not reasonable, or such things). Stay polite, if you start insulting a DM, they are allowed to act accordingly, and eventually inform the server owner. If a DM insults you, send the owner a screenshot, i'll do nothing without them, again. Harassing a DM is not a solution as well, wait for him to answer you, if he doesn't, PM the owner on the forum On the forum.

We all here are supposed to be adults, so act as expected. We are here to have fun, being friendly to each other when realty is mean. So here are my commandments:

  • Do not flames against a player or the DM team, the post will be deleted and the poster banned for two weeks.
  • Do not spread false rumors against players and DM. Same punishement.
  • No advertisement on the forum. I'll delete the post and ban the IP and mail adress for unlimited time.
  • Do not spread political, religious or ideologic slogan or ideas, the post will be deleted.
  • Do not flood. delete + ban
  • Do not insult other players via PM. This results in an instant ban.

This list is not exhaustive and new rules can be added anytime, so please check this as often as possible

Laguarda's political systemEdit

Political positionsEdit

Classified in order the most important position to the lesser one.

The Queen/KingEdit

The sovereign of Lagaurda has absolute power, he or she is the lead in all matters political, economic, military, the judicial system, and the protection of the social order. This person is, by divine right, the supreme chief of the religious matters. He or she make the laws, mobolize the army, decide live or death of any citizen, decide the taxes. Only a member of the royal family can become King or Queen, by blood lineage. Zalanthe Flamehaunt I is directly related as the Niece of the First king Leogund, and since the formal prince found death in Dambron's battle, she's the last inheriter of the royal family. The king or Queen have the duty to make inheriters.

The noblesEdit

The nobles in Laguarda have a special status, they are generally knights, chancellors, vice-roy, or simply Land owners. They are in second position, and their power come from the sovereign himself. Causing offence to a noble is making offence to the Queen, though, a commoner can ask justice against a noble if he have proofs, so the nobles can't escape justice. They are protectors of the kingdom, and the Queen can choose a Lord or Lady Protector of the kingdom from them. An exemple of nobles, The Sisters, who are knights, and the King's Children as well, become automatically nobles after their training as Trainee is over. The general of the army must be noble as well.

The nobles ranks are the followings:

  • Count/Countess (Angela Celester)
  • Baron (Krynn starwalker)
  • Marquis/Marquess

The ChurchEdit

The priest and priestess comes in third rank in the society, they have less political power, but have influence on peoples on all ranks. They must be respected even by the Queen herself, but are subject to orders from the two ranks above. The religious politic is up to them and can't be controlled by anyone, except the queen if she put a veto to the High priest/priestess decison.

The position are followings:

  • High Priest/priestess
  • Priest/priestess
  • Acolyt


They are the majority of the people of Laguarda, they are workers, soldiers, merchants, farmers, and bourgeois. They have no power, but have rights and duties. They can ask for justice, for assistance from their councilor, practice any job if they have the right licence, but they must pay their taxes, respect the ranks above, obey the Queen and the nobles, and being conscripted if the situation needs it.


The slaves have the least rights and duties in Laguarda. They are considered as person though, and are subjects to the protection of the law. An abusive master can have his slave taken from him if his or her mistreatment is denounced by at least two commoners, or one noble to the Slavery councilor, and after a trial. The slaves must obey their masters or mistress anytime. A slave who make false accusationa about their owners will be harshly punished. A slave can be freed using one of the following methods:

  • Pay 10,000 golds per seasons of training to the Slavery councilor.
  • Serve in army for three years (IG so 6 months IRL)
  • Give to the crown an unexpected and brave service amongst their usual duties.

Particular case: The CouncilorEdit

The role of councilor is not in the hierarchical system: Anyone (except slaves even remember that they can influence people) may be councilor.

They have authority ONLY in their field of action but in this context may enact laws INCLUDING WITHOUT THE OPINION OF THE QUEEN. I will speak about all the others authorities just after,the power of the queen is not in danger.

They can also require sanctions against those who do not respect the rules. Example, commercial councilor requires that merchants have a license. One of them opened a business and ignores the requirement. The councilor ordered the closure of the store.

Relations with other authorities:

  • The Queen: It's simple, she can put its nose in their business if she wants and without justification. And if something does not please her (law, enforcement) she can cancel it. The queen is the ultimate authority. If someone is not happy this is not a problem.
  • The noble: very specific case: In their domain councilor has only an advisory role but can not require anything. But outside the domain the councilor can require what he wants. However beware to backfire. To anger a noble is never good. And if the noble can do anything in his domain, councilor can piss himm off in town. It can give political game.
  • Guard: A councilor can require/request military assistance if needed. The guard is obligated to accept provided it does not conflict with the law and thier standing orders given by the queen. But attention to abuse here, because I am not sure that the General will appreciate bothering his troops for nothing.

The "special forces" (White wing and King's Children): They can ask their help but it is still a request. A refusal is possible.

There are councilors for :

  • Salvery
  • Military
  • Law
  • Economy
  • Business
  • Religion
  • People

Penal Code of LaguardaEdit

Article 1: It is an offence for any breach said laws via observation of the latter, any harm committed against another and anothers property, with the inclusion of their state and slaves.

Article 2: Any violations will be punishable under the subsection devoted to said crime, in adittion all damage suffered by another or their state must be repaired or is subject to further punishment under article six of the Laguardan Penal Code

Article 3: All citizens of Laguarda has the power to arrest a criminal if taken redhand, but if a guard is present, he will seek not to intervene unless specifically requested the guard said.

Article 4: The penalties normally prescribed for the offences range from a simple fine to the prison sentence, the death penalty, which can only be confirmed by the Queen of Laguarda.

Article 5: All fine will be collected by a guard and handed over to the Councilor for Laws and deposited in the bank account of the crown.

Article 6: Anyone unable to settle their fines immediately have a week to settle the so-called fine, if it does not paid, a penalty for the said fine will result in a prison sentence up to 1 day of imprisonment by 500 gold unpaid.

Article 7: The guards are authorized to enter a third's home in the framework of an investigation if a rogatory letter is issued by a judge in the city.

Article 8: Any judicial decision can be discussed during a call if new elements that can exonerate the suspect is presented and accepted by the judge.

Article 9: The queen has the power to pardon a convict, under the watchful board of the judge.

Article 10: The commander of the guard will represent the government law officer and will be responsible for the prosecution.

Article 11: Every litigant has the right to defend himself, or to hire a lawyer or a third accepted by the court.


Article 1-1: spit on the ground of a temple or in a building of the state is prohibited and shall be punished by a fine of 300 gold coins.

Article 1-2: All insults to a custody is prohibited, it includes the familiar and rude words, and will be punishable with a fine of 500 gold coins.

Article 1-3: All insults to the Queen shall be punished by a fine of 1750 gold coins and 5 days of prisons.


Articles 2-1: All insults to a judge will be punished if they take place during a trial, and will be punishable by a fine of 1000 gold and two days of prisons.

Article 2-2: Obstructing the intervention of a custody is prohibited, and shall be punished by a fine of 2000 gold and 3 days in prison.

Article 2-3: Destroying the good of others is prohibited and shall be punished by a fine of 3000 gold and 5 days in prison. This applies also to the slaves.

Article 2-4: Theft in general is prohibited and shall be punished by a fine of 4000 gold coins, the confiscation of stolen properties, and 7 days in prison.

Article 2-5: robbery with violence will add 3 days in jail as well as compensation to the victim.

Article 2-6: Any attack inside of city walls without death is punishable by 7 days in prison and compensation to the victim.

Article 2-7: Any attempt to trouble public order or using the slave of a third party without his consent, can be denounced by the said slave and punishable by a prison sentence of 4 days and compensation to the owner of the slave. The Crimes:

Articles 3-1: All attacks against third with intent to commit murder is punishable by 15 days in jail and a fine of 10000 gold coins.

Article 3-2: All attacks against a judge is punishable by 20 days in prison and a fine of 15000 gold coins.

Article 3-3: All attacks against the queen face the death penalty.

Article 3-4: At a murder committed inside the city walls is punishable by one month in prison and 30000 gold coins fine. A death sentence may be pronounced in the case of aggravating circumstance.

Article 3-5: All treason or conspiracy against the crown will be punished by a jail sentence of 20 days and banning guilty.

Article 3-6: The rape of a third shall be punished by a jail sentence of 20 days and a compensation to the victim

Article 3-7: Torture in a public area, or during public meeting, or in the sight of an unwilling third, will be punished by 20,000 Golds fine and 20 Days of prisons. If the target of the Torture is a slave, the slave will be confiscated.


Laguarda's Global Location


Laguarda's Local Location

Article 4-1: Every evil cult is forbidden in Laguarda, if they are discovered, they are to be banned or burned on the stake, the decision is up to the Queen.

Article 4-2: The Evil gods followers have no rights on the ground of Laguarda, so they are not protected by the laws.

Article 4-3: The following gods are considered evils: Cyric, Bane, Talos, Velsharoon, Lolth, Kieransalee, Vhaeraun, Shar, Malar, Loviatar (the list in non exhaustive)

Article 4-4: All the cults or person that deny publicly the existence of the Gods are considered Heretics. An heretic will be interrogated by the Inquisitors, and she will decide what will be their fates.

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