Monk(11) / Fighter(12) / Duelist(7)

The duelist version of the Kaze no Kama focuses like the original on hitting as often as possible per round while relying on elemental damage from equipment and - after level 21 - on bonus damage from Combat Insight. It also has the potential to strike 18 times in a single round with a good hit chance for most attacks, but has - unlike the original - an innate haste-ability from the duelist levels.

It also is able to achieve slightly higher AC since the Canny Defense feat works like it's counterpart from the Invisible Blade but yields more, since you can take a maximum duelist level of 10 - or 7 with this build. The prerequisite feats for the Duelist class (Dodge, Mobility) both help AC, while those required for invisible blade include one wasted feat (wf:kukri). And since the extra duelist levels make it worthwhile to take a higher INT from the beginning, the extra skillpoints can be used to bring more skills to respectable heights.

On the downside, this build sacrifices two levels of Divine champion or Paladin, which means a slight drop in saves. Also, many Duelist feats cannot be used when dual-wielding kamas: neither flourish nor precise strike will work, while the iBlade has the advantage of delivering bleed damage.

Character CreationEdit

STR 6 6
DEX 18 26
CON 14 14
INT 16 16
WIS 16 16
CHA 4 4
Base attack bonus 27
Fortitude save 20
Reflex save 27
Will save 17
Spell resistance 41
Hit Points 338
Natural AC 36


A fully equipped lvl 30 character would look like this:

dual kama +8, with +5d6 fire, 5d6 cold, 5d6 electricity damage, +6 damage from epic weapon specialization, +8 more from intelligence to main hand/+4 to off hans

16 base attacks/round with greater flurry. Also has innate haste ability from duelist which can bump attacks up to 18.

Attack bonuses each round with greater flurry:

main hand +49/+49/+49/+44/+39/+34/+29/+24
off hand +49/+49/+49/+44/+39/+34/+29/+24

Amulet Natural AC +5, WIS +8, Cape Deflection AC +8, Bracers Armor AC +8, Robe of regeneration (no AC), Headband of intellect +8, Belt of DEX +8, CON +8, Boots of the sun soul +5 Dodge AC +5

Modified attributes

STR 10
DEX 34
CON 22
INT 26
WIS 25

Unmodified attributes

DEX 25
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 16

AC bonuses

Base AC: 10
Svirfneblin size bonus: +1 AC
Svirfneblin dodge bonus: +4 AC
Monk level 10+: +2 AC
Wisdom: 23: +6 AC
Dexterity 34: +12 AC
Tumble 30: +3 AC
Luck of heroes: +1 AC

 Dualist 7 with INT 24+: +7 AC
Base AC with modified attributes: 46


Boots of the sun soul +5: +5 AC dodge modifier
Bracers of armor +8: +8 AC armor modifier
Cape of deflection (enchanted) +8: +8 AC deflection modifier
Equipment bonus: +21 AC
AC with equipment: 67

Situational bonuses:

Dodge: +1 AC vs. current target and last opponent
Mobility: +4 AC vs. attacks of opportunity
Dualist bonus: another +4 AC vs attacks of opportunity


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