Is joyfulnoise
Joyful Noise
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 1, Bard: 1
School : Abjuration
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Close
Target/Area : Friends in a Colossal area
Duration : 60 seconds
Save : None


This spell provides immunity to silence spells or effects. The feat Lingering Song affects this spell as if it was a bard song. The target cannot be deafened or silenced to be affected by the immunity.

Bug Notes Edit

(checked 1.03) Are the feats truly meant to affect this spell? The code seems to be copied from the Bard Song scripts (and has many references to unused variables like the bard's level).

There are also copied parts about not affecting people who are silenced or deaf, but this is not mentioned in the description nor applicable to any of the other spells a bard can cast.

There is also some weird code in the associated script that will prevent the spell from applying its effect to those targets that are already affected by this spell. This makes it impossible to renew the spell duration by recasting the spell, because as long as you are immune to silence, the spell effect will not be re-applied and as soon as silence immunity wears off you will not be able to cast the spell if you are still in the silence area. This simply makes no sense, as all other buff spells (Haste, Displacement etc.) can be recast to renew the duration. It's all the more aggravating, because Joyful Noise cannot be extended.

The spell is set as undispellable. Probably some leftover code from the bard songs scripts that were used for this script, as mentioned above. There is no reason for this spell to be undispellable.

The description is wrong regarding the area of effect. It affects all friends in a colossal area.

Gameplay Notes Edit

This is the only spell which provides immunity to silence in the game. The use is specific, but there. For a level 1 spell, a single slot to make the entire party immune to silence - thus being able to cast the Silence spell with impunity, is quite a good one. Tactically, this can wipe out casters since you cast this first, then silence on the fighter, which renders anyone near him in an area of silence.

It sadly only lasts 60 seconds (10 rounds, cannot be extended) but sometimes this is more the enough. Note: due to how the spell works, Lasting Inspiration and Lingering Song both affect this spell ("Lasting Inspiration" feat is not available in NWN2; this is leftover from NWN:Hordes of the Underdark).

Oddly enough, deaf and silenced people cannot have the effects of the spell (even the caster themselves) - acting like a bard song (no other spell, even bard-only spells - such as Amplify - does this).

For anyone who finds a scroll or wand of this, using use magical device for a sorcerer or wizard will allow them to continue casting spells by reading the scroll or using the wand on themselves - if, noting the fact you cannot be silenced to have its effects, the caster moves out of the area of silence first - since it is a level 1 spell, therefore low cost item, low skill point usage allows the caster to cast it.

3.5E Notes Edit

This spell isn't a core spell in the 3.5E rules (like noted; it'd be too useful to have utter immunity from silence effects).