J.E. Sawyer is a developer at Obsidian Entertainment, working on NWN2. He held the position of Senior Designer until March 2006, when he became the acting Lead Designer for NWN2, after the departure of Ferret Baudoin. He also worked on Icewind Dale as designer, and was the Lead Designer for both Icewind Dale II and Black Isle's Fallout 3, which was cancelled.

He has been known for leaving half-cryptic messages in his forum signature before making an announcement on a new feature. One such messages was "Day Blindness?! Oh, what a black deal hath I wrought for my fantastic Dark Elven powers!! How cruelly the Grand Karmic Design Wheel turns!!!"

He later announced that Dark Elves would suffer from dayblindness.

Sawyer stated that he would be "moving on after the completion of NWN2. I will be packing my things and moving downstairs [to another company?] to start on another project." [1]

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