// replace this function it does nothing.
itemproperty BadBadReplaceMeThisDoesNothing();

// Brock H. - OEI 02/20/06 -- creates a "bonus hitpoints" 
// itemproperty. Note that nBonusType refers to the row
// in iprp_bonushp.2da which has the bonus HP value, and
// is not nessisarily the amount of HPs added. 
itemproperty ItemPropertyBonusHitpoints(int nBonusType);

Note: Notice that in some cases the "P" is capitalized, while in othes (such as this function) it has not. Script functions are case sensitive and thus this function may cause problems when being used. It is also unclear why this function does not have a constant associated with it (ie IP_CONST_BONUSHP_*) considering that it is expressed as being a specific entry in a .2da file instead of being an actual HP amount

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