Intermediate deities wield a great deal of power, but are by no means as powerful as greater deities. They often serve greater powers or are ambitious deities trying to work their way up to the status of greater deity.

Sensing Abilities: Intermediate deities always know what is happening within 100 miles of their current position. In addition, they can extend their senses to know what is happening within 100 miles of any of their or their allies' worshippers or their or their allies' holy objects. They can also extend their senses to know what is happening within 100 miles of where anyone or anythin that speaks one of their names or titles currently is for a month after the name is spoken. The sensing ability can be blocked by the conscious effort of deities of equal or greater status.

Creation: While they cannot create objects out of nothing, intermediate deities can summon or create a duplicate of any object they hold, providing suitable materials are available on the same plane. This is a tiring process however, and they must rest one turn for every 100 pounds of the object's weight.

Life and Death: Intermediate deities, while unable to directly cause the death of a living creature, can arrange accidents that can kill any mortal being anywhere. They can raise any previously living being from the dead at will (with automatic success), regardless of the time that has passed since that being died or the current location or condition of the body.

Multitasks: Intermediate deities can perform up to 100 tasks at once without suffering any penalties of any sort.

Avatars: Intermediate deities can use up to five avatars at a time, moving them between planes at will. If one is destroyed, an intermediate deity requires seven days to make another.

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