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Illefarn ruin concept art


Illefarn, also known as Fallen Kingdom, was a great elven kingdom located along the northern Sword Coast between the Western Heartlands and the North, with populace consisting mostly of elves and dwarves.

Illefarn possessed numerous portals, most of which were teleportation devices to other places of Toril and not gates to other planes. Some were used for artistic purposes: portal stones were activated by a specific song, which transported the singer along the chain of portals called a songpath in rhythm with the song. Most songpaths were deactivated during the fall of empire.

Sometimes the word Illefarn is associated with a more recent political state called Illefarn, consisting of a dwarven enclave beneath Mt. Illefarn and its allies.

Illefarn in Neverwinter Nights 2Edit

There are a number of Illefarn ruins around Neverwinter, such as in the Mere of Dead Men and the ancient city of Arvahn. The latter, which can only be accessed by the player after Zhjaeve joins, is where the PC gains the powers of the Ritual of Purification.

The last dungeon at Merdelain is presumably another Illefarn ruin, but the King of Shadows power has warped it into something else.

The Illefarn ruins use their own separate tileset.


Wizards of the Coast article on Illefarn portals

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