The Holy Glory is a priestess of Lathander. She strikes fear into the heart of her enemies with her spells and abilities. From her deity she received the power to attack her enemies with such speed and accuracy that her swings seem to glisten with the glory of the Morninglord.

Character CreationEdit

STR 14 14
DEX 18 30
CON 10 10
INT 10 10
WIS 14 14
CHA 8 8
Base attack bonus 26
Fortitude save
Reflex save
Will save
Spell resistance 0
Hit Points 306
Natural AC
  • Race: Human
  • Classes: Cleric 15, Warpriest 4, Fighter 8, Frenzied Berserker 3
  • Cleric Domains: Air, Time
  • Build Nature: PvE/Campaigns - Playable from 1-30, no exp penalty
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (or choose any non-lawful alignment)
  • Deity: Lathander (or choose your preferred deity)


  • 14 attacks per round dual-wielding any light weapons
  • 26 BAB, does not need recasting of Divine Power to achieve maximum number of attacks per round
  • Extremely high buffed AB, can hit up to AC 81 without a natural 20
  • Great Cleave and Supreme Cleave
  • Level 9 cleric spell access
  • Persistent Haste
  • Premonition for physical damage reduction 30/adamantine, and Protection from Energy and Energy Immunity for elemental damage reduction
  • Stone Body for damage reduction 10/adamantine, stuns, and critical hits (can use Death Immunity and Freedom to circumvent the penalties for the spell)
  • Greater Restoration to heal oneself back to full HP several times per day


This is a version of the Holy Fury that gives up some movement speed and attacks per round to get Great Cleave and Supreme Cleave. When an enemy dies, she can immediately strike a nearby enemy with two attacks, and if those attacks kill the enemy she can Great Cleave again. She does not rely on recasting Divine Power to achieve her maximum number of attacks per round.

I picked human for the extra feat and skill point. You need at least a +5 wisdom item to cast 9th level spells, and you should try to find +dex and +wis items as soon as possible. Since no weapon specialization feats are picked, you can use any two good light weapons you find. This build suffers from low AC and is a bit less powerful than the Holy Fury. But it is fun to be dual wielding while getting those Supreme Cleaves.


Attacks per round:

6 (Base) + 1 (Haste) = 7
x 2 (Dual Wield) = 14 attacks per round

Attack bonus with mundane light weapons:

Main hand:

Attack bonus with mundane light weapons and long-term buffs:

Main hand:


26 (BAB)
+10 (Dex)
+1 (Epic Prowess)
+5 (Greater Magic Weapon)
+1 (Persistent Prayer)
+1 (Persistent Bless)
+1 (Persistent Aid)
+3 (Persistent Divine Favor)
-2 (Dual Wielding)

With +8 light weapons, +8 dex equipment and fully buffs:

Main hand:


26 (BAB)
+8 (Weapon enhancement)
+10 (DEX)
+4 (DEX from +8 equipment)
+1 (Epic Prowess)
+1 (Persistent Prayer)
+1 (Persistent Bless)
+3 (Persistent Divine Favor)
+4 (Extended Divine Power)
+2 (Extended Battletide)
+3 (Extended Recitation)
-2 (Dual Wielding)

Damage: Assuming +8 short swords with 15d6 elemental damage and all hits land

1d6 (base)
+8 (Enhancement)
+5d6 (Electrical enchantment)
+5d6 (Acid enchantment)
+5d6 (Fire enchantment)
+3 (+6 STR from Divine Power)
+3 (Divine Favor)
+2 (Battletide)
+1 (Prayer)
33-113 damage per hit (73 average) x 14 hits =
462-1582 damage per round (1022 average)


Concentration 33
Diplomacy 21
Spellcraft 30
Spot 5
Tumble 10

Character Progression Edit

CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Cleric Luck of Heroes, Two-Weapon Fighting Uncanny Dodge, Improved Initiative
2 Cleric
3 Cleric Weapon Finesse
4 Cleric DEX +1
5 Cleric
6 Cleric Extend Spell
7 Cleric
8 Cleric DEX +1
9 Cleric Able Learner
10 Cleric
11 Cleric
12 Cleric Combat Casting DEX +1
13 Cleric
14 Cleric
15 Cleric Persistent Spell
16 Warpriest DEX +1
17 Warpriest
18 Warpriest Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
19 Warpriest
20 Fighter Greater Two-weapon Fighting DEX +1
21 Fighter Great Dexterity I Power Attack
22 Fighter
23 Fighter Great Dexterity II Cleave
24 Fighter DEX +1
25 Fighter Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
26 Fighter Great Dexterity III Great Cleave
27 Frenzied Berserker Toughness
28 Frenzied Berserker Supreme Cleave DEX +1
29 Fighter Great Dexterity IV Epic Prowess
30 Frenzied Berserker

Please update this with at least the feats used in this build.


Author: Lia

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