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Hochwaldallianz is a German persistent world with a strong focus on consistent roleplaying. Our PW started back in 2003 with NWN1, since 2007 we're running NWN2.


Our setting is based on the Forgotten Realms, our adventures are taking place in the Delimbyir vale right south of the Hight Forest, "Hochwald" being the German translation.

The main conflict lies in two rivaling cities, Loudwater and Llorkh, the first being the town of Mielikki, inhabited by goodly folk, men, dwarves and elf alike, tending to chaotic good alignment. The latter being a town of the Zhentarim, with temples of Bane and Cyric, inhabited by men mostly, tending to lawful evil alignment.

Right between these two cities lies the once alive village of Orlbar, which - in our setting - was destroyed by a meteor in 1382 DR, which left a huge crater where green fire still burnes and hordes of monsters roam the surface and the tunnels beneath.

All powers in the Delimbyir vale now try to examine the mystery the fallen star has brought to Orlbar and all the surrounding lands. These powers being Llorkh and Loudwater of course, but not without the Drow from the Underdark trying to interfere...

Features Edit

New Classes Edit

Skills: Edit

Models: Edit

Of course we use new models for heads, hair, clothes, armor and weapons.

Misc Edit

Our module is built with quite a lot of custom content, such as BCK, new placeables and texture.


  • We're running NWN2 version 1.23 with MotB and SoZ, having 1.7 GB haks and a 130 MB PWC.

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