Highroad Hotel
Type: Roleplaying Persistent World
Language: English
Status: Offline

The Highroad Hotel is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and is a popular stopping place for those of a more adventurous persuasion. Located along a major road to the south of Waterdeep, it serves as a starting point for many adventures. The server does not encompass a solid chunk of area. Instead, you can travel to locations both near and distant as you adventure, or simply relax in the hotel itself to swap stories.

While on the server, players stay in character and roleplay out their actions. Dungeon Masters take the role of NPCs and enemies, providing quests and plots for the players to expierence and use to develop their characters.

Server informationEdit

Plans are for The Highroad Hotel to be a server vault style persistant world that is focused heavily on roleplay. More to come as work progresses and NWN2 is released.

Website is here.

Staff informationEdit

The entire staff of The Highroad Hotel is comprised of a few close friends who each have skills in areas important for a persistant world server. The goal is to create a friendly close-knit atmosphere for the players and new additions to the staff are unlikely at this time.

Gaming Table

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