Fort Locke is a relatively old fort along the High Road, between West Harbor and Neverwinter. It is still in operation, and had gotten a reputation for reliability, as it survived the first war with the King of Shadows in the Mere of Dead Men.

Official CampaignEdit

Fort Locke is an early waypoint for the PC's journey in the beginning along the way to Highcliff. Here, he/she saves Neeshka from unscrupulous guards, and learns about why the patrols on the High Road stopped. Commander Tann had gone missing, and his lieutenant Vallis stopped all patrols for fear of more losses. The PC discovers that the commander was captured by a shadow priest at a nearby graveyard, and manages to rescue him. Upon return, Vallis tries to arrest Tann, and is either killed after attacking or executed for treason. The area remains available even into Act II (as Jacoby can be recruited here for Crossroad Keep).

Eventually, in Act III, it falls to the undead armies of the Shadow Reavers, who plan to eventually attack Crossroad Keep and Highcliff.