// Display floaty text above the specified creature.
// The text will also appear in the chat buffer of each player that receives the
// floaty text.
// - nStrRefToDisplay: String ref (therefore text is translated)
// - oCreatureToFloatAbove
// - bBroadcastToFaction: If this is TRUE then only creatures in the same faction
//   as oCreatureToFloatAbove
//   will see the floaty text, and only if they are within range (30 metres).
void FloatingTextStrRefOnCreature(int nStrRefToDisplay, object oCreatureToFloatAbove, int bBroadcastToFaction=TRUE, float fDuration=5.0,

Note: The description of this function was not complete in the toolset. The fDuration parameter was added.

The description in the toolset omits the following parameters after fDuration: int nStartColor, int nEndColor, float fSpeed, and vector vDirection.

The color constants in the toolset are valid parameters for nStartColor and nEndColor. They are used to simulate a fadeout effect when set to different colors.

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