Requirements: 1st level Bard, Perform 3.

Every hostile creature within 90 feet must make a Will save (against a DC of 11 + 1/2 the bard's level + the bard's Charisma modifier). This is an enchantment (compulsion) mind-affecting ability. If the target fails this save, then they are dazed for as long as the song is playing and the bard is within 90 feet of them. If a creature is attacked, or is within 10 feet of a creature being attacked, the effect ends for that creature, though anyone who fails their saving throw will be dazed for at least one round. There is a cool down time of 10 rounds before this ability can be used again. Fascinate affects up to one enemy per level of the bard.

Bugs Edit

As of the script used in v1.03, these bugs occur:

  • The range the bard can be from the target is 90 meters, not 90 feet.
  • The initial range that is affected is RADIUS_SIZE_COLOSSAL, at 9.144 meters, or ~30 feet
  • There seems to be no built in cooldown time of 10 rounds in the script.
  • The save is only 11 + Charisma modifier, and does NOT include bard levels at all.
  • The effect is not permanent as the description suggests, but is limited to 10 rounds. Even if the bard remains close to the affected targets, the effect will still expire after 10 rounds.

It is unknown if the effect is a true daze effect (ie; doesn't affect people immune to daze) or if the 10 feet stated in the description applies (it is seemingly hardcoded).

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