Fall of Faerûn
Type: Persistent World
Required Expansions: Mask of the Betrayer
Language: English
Status: Offline

With rumors of spies and assassins circulating around town, the citizens of Loudwater have been on edge for the past several years. Are the rumors true? Is the Zhentarim on the move again? Will Faerun be safe? Answer these questions for yourself in the new heavy RP persistent world, Fall of Faerun. The server uses Faerun lore and takes place mainly in the city of Loudwater (between the High Forest and the High Moor). The storyline involves the evil Zhentarim organization and other nefarious groups.

Some other facts about our server include:

  • MotB
  • Underdark Races (but they are restricted until we can get some underdark areas built)
  • Epic Levels (Though the level progression will be slow and it will take a long time to reach epic levels)
  • Mid/High powered magic items
  • Frequent DM events
  • Player driven storyline
  • No alignment biases (meaning the "Good Guys" will not necessarily always win. Good or evil can triumph depending on player actions)
  • Ability to add player-made buildings, guilds, and armor
  • Planar Travel

Our website:

If you have NWN2 and MotB and are interested in our server or have any questions, post on our forums and let me know. We are also in need of scripters.

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