Wizard 8 / Fighter 7 / Eldritch knight 10 / Invisible Blade 5

The Eldritch blade utilizes arcane spells for defense and utility, while dual wielding two Kukri for offense.

To summarize, the Eldritch blade has:

-26 BAB, allowing 6 attacks per round one hand
-perfect two weapon fighting, allowing 12 attacks per round un-buffed
-access to level 9 arcane spells at caster level of 21
-access to a single epic spell, Vampiric Feast

While capable unbuffed, the Eldritch blade truly shines once he has been buffed by his own spells. With Mirror image, extended displacement, premonition, greater heroism, shadow shield, and shield, he can be an extremely deadly opponent.

Character CreationEdit

Race: Air Genasi

Classes: wizard 8, Fighter 7, Eldritch knight 10, Invisible Blade 5

Alignment: Any

CHA 6 6
Fortitude save 18
Reflex save 20
Will save 11
Caster level 21
BAB 26

Why these classes/races?

Air Genasi

  • The Air Genasi gets DEX+2, INT+2 bonuses, INT is required for damage, AC, and spell casting, while DEX is required for AC and AB. A high INT and DEX is essential for this build to get level 9 spells and perfect two weapon fighting
  • WIS-2, CHA-2: The WIS-2 lowers will save, but Mind Blank spell can counter this weakness. Charisma penalty hurts dialog options but can be countered by skills and greater heroism spell.

Alternatives: tiefling or drow. With slight leveling progression change, tiefling can be used with no XP penalties. Drow can also be used with the progression listed below, but must start with a constitution value of 12.


  • Level 8 so that when combined with 10 levels of Eldritch knight, 17 caster wizard casting level is achieved, thus allowing level 9 spells. With Practiced Spellcaster, 21 caster level is achieved.


Eldritch knight:

  • level 10 for full BAB and caster level progression

Invisible Blade


  • While he has superb defense with spells, without good Kukri his damage output is not as impressive.
  • The Eldritch blade is vulnerable to dispel from high level casters.
  • For familiar, pick the Beetle for the extra hp.

Without any magic items the character looks like this:

AC: 26
Main Hand Attack Bonus: +34/+29/+24/+19/+14/+9
Damage: 1-4 +6
Off Hand Attack Bonus: +34/+29/+24/+19/+14/+9
Damage: 1-4 +4

For a total of 12 attacks, with persistent haste, a total of 14 attacks.

If you equip +8 DEX/INT gear and wield two Kukri+8, you get:

AC: 31
Main Hand Attack Bonus: +46/+41/+36/+31/+26/+21
Damage: 1-4 +10 +8
Off Hand Attack Bonus: +46/+41/+36/+31/+26/+21
Damage: 1-4 +6 +8

If you also add elemental damage to both Kukri(max 3 * 5d6)

Main Hand Damage: 7 * (2.5 + 10 + 8 + 3 * 5 * 3.5)
Off Hand Damage : 7 * (2.5 + 6 + 8 + 3 * 5 * 3.5)
Main Hand Damage: 511
Off Hand Damage : 483
= 994 average damage per round

All of the above is factored in before calculating buffs.

Assuming the following buffs and equipment:

  • +8 AC robe
  • +5 AC deflection cloak or ring
  • +4 AC boots
  • +8 INT/DEX/CON items
  • +8 weapons

the Eldritch blade will have the following stats:

  • 58 AC
  • 51 AB
  • 30/Adamantine for 210 damage
  • 20/Adamantine
  • 50% displacement
  • +10 to all saves
  • Immunity to instant death, necromancy, and all spells level 2 or lower.

The AB can further increased to 58 for one round by casting true strike


Due to his high int, he will have plenty of skills. He can achieve:

  • 30 points in tumble
  • 30 points in concentration
  • 30 points in spellcraft
  • 33 points in bluff

and still has plenty to spare for other skills. UMD is recommended, even though it is a cross class skill.

Character ProgressionEdit

Note: The Skills mentioned in the Progression Table are only those skills that are required as pre-reqs. The rest of the skills can be spend as one likes. Spellcraft, concentration, bluff, tumble, and UMD should be maxed out.

  • Note, save 5 skill points before taking Invisible Blade class so that you can spend it on tumble and bluff.

Skill abbreviations: B = Bluff

Character Progression TableEdit

Skill Points
01Wizard 01 Luck of Heroes --+2 Bluff
02Fighter 01 Weapon Finesse ---
03Wizard 02Two-Weapon Fighting-- +1 Bluff
04Fighter 02Weapon Focus: Kukri-DEX +1-
05Wizard 03---+1 Bluff
06Fighter 03Combat Expertise - - -
07Wizard 04---+1 Bluff
08Fighter 04Weapon Specialization: Kukri -DEX +1-
09Wizard 05Extend Spell, Practiced Spellcaster--+1 Bluff
10Eldritch Knight 01-Combat Casting, Skill Focus: Concentration--
11Eldritch Knight 02---+1 Bluff
12Eldritch Knight 03Feint -DEX +1-
13Eldritch Knight 04---+1 Bluff
14Invisible Blade 01-Bleeding Wound +2, Unfettered Defense--
15Eldritch Knight 05Improved Two-Weapon Fighting---
16Eldritch Knight 06--DEX +1-
17Eldritch Knight 07----
18Invisible Blade 02Greater Two-weapon Fighting---
19Eldritch Knight 08----
20Fighter 05--DEX +1-
21Fighter 06Epic Prowess, Combat Insight---
22Eldritch Knight 09----
23Invisible Blade 03Blind FightBleeding Wound +4 --
24Wizard 06--DEX +1-
25Wizard 07Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting---
26Eldritch Knight 10----
27Wizard 08Epic Spell: Vampiric Feast---
28Invisible Blade 04--DEX +1-
29Fighter 07Persistent Spell---
30Invisible Blade 05-Bleeding Wound +6, Feint Mastery--

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