// Create a Death effect

// - nSpectacularDeath: if this is TRUE, the creature to which this effect is

// applied will die in an extraordinary fashion

// - nDisplayFeedback

// - nIgnoreDeathImmunity: if TRUE, this Death effect ignores any Death Immunity.

// - bPurgeEffects: Normally TRUE. If changed to FALSE, then the creature will not

// have their effects purged when they die. This might result

// in weird situations where a creature won't die (Due to a

// bonus HP effect, or somesuch), so should only be used in

// specific situations, such as wanting to preserve a visual

// effect on the dead body.

effect EffectDeath(int nSpectacularDeath=FALSE, int nDisplayFeedback=TRUE, int nIgnoreDeathImmunity=FALSE, int bPurgeEffects=TRUE);

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