// Create a Charm effect
effect EffectCharmed();

Note that this effect must be created by the faction you want the target to be neutral with. One of the faction members must be assigned the task of effect creation, otherwise the faction interrelationships may become messed up if a member of another faction (for example, STANDARD_FACTION_DEFENDER) generates the effect, especially with regard to the player party:

effect DoCharm(object oTarget) {

effect eCharm = EffectCharmed();

eCharm = GetScaledEffect( eCharm, oTarget );

eCharm = SetEffectSpellId(eCharm, SPELL_WHATEVER);

return eCharm; }

void main() {

AssignCommand(GetFactionLeader(GetFirstPC()), ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, DoCharm(oTarget), oTarget, fDuration)); }

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