// EffectArmorCheckPenaltyIncrease
// Created By: Brock Heinz
// Created On: 08/16/2005
// Description: Increases the Armor Check Penalty for the targeted creature
//              For instance, wearing chain mail will incur a -5 armor check
//              penalty. To simulate this, pass in 5 as the penalty amount. 
//              This penalty stacks with the creature's current armor and 
//              shield penalty, and multiple instances of this effect can
//              be applied to a creature. 
// Argument: oTarget - the object to add the penalty increase to
// Argument: nPenaltyAmt - The penalty to apply to the target           
//              Note that this should be a *positive* number*
// Returns: effect - the newly created effect
effect EffectArmorCheckPenaltyIncrease( object oTarget, int nPenaltyAmt );

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