// Create an Area Of Effect effect in the area of the creature it is applied to.
// If the scripts are not specified, default ones will be used.
// You can also specify a tag for the effect object that will be created when 
// the effect is applied.
// Brock H. - OEI 04/21/06 -- Added sEffectTag - this is a tag which will
// be set on the spawned AoE object, so that it can be accessed later. 
effect EffectAreaOfEffect(int nAreaEffectId, string sOnEnterScript="", string sHeartbeatScript="", string sOnExitScript="", string sEffectTag="" );

Note: The sEffectTag parameter has been added

WARNING: Some of the AOE_* constants have been removed and thus any script which is imported that uses those constants will fail to compile

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