// Create a Damage Absorbtion effect.
// - nACTest: AC to exceed to bypass DMG Absorbtion
effect EffectAbsorbDamage(int nACTest);

This effect, unlike EffectDamageReduction, EffectDamageResistance, or EffectShareDamage does not remove an amount of damage, but negates it entirely.

When this effect is in place, any creature that attacks the target of the effect must exceed or equal the value of nACTest+the target's AC with their attack roll.

  • If the attack roll < the Target's AC, the attack misses.
  • If the attack roll > the nACTest+the Target's AC, the attack hits but does not remove the effect.
  • If the Target's AC < the attack roll < Target's AC+nACTest, the attack is negated (including any on hit effects) and the effect is removed.

The effect will also stop natural 20 attacks if they are less than nACTest+Target's AC and block knockdown attacks, though this removes an effect.

Mirror Image uses this effect, although it appears not to work as described.

Peculiarities Edit

For some bizarre reason GetIsEffectValid() seems to always return false with this effect.

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