This bow and its kin are most famously linked to Hannable the White and his defense of Gulthmere Forest.  He and his men went to the aid of local dryads and defeated legions of orcs, forcing them to abandon their destructive plans.  Those of Hannable's force who left the forest were paid with these bows, while those who remained with the grateful dryads received less tangible, but no less enjoyable, rewards.


Base Damage: 1d6

Base Critical Threat: x3

Base Damage Type: Piercing

Weapon Size: Medium

Ammunition: Arrows

Feats Required: Martial, Rogue or Elf

Base Item: Shortbow

Weight: 2.0 pounds

Special Properties

Attack Bonus: +3

Skill Bonus: Search +2

Skill Bonus: Spot +2

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