Door And Chest

What it does

When you place a Special item in a chest, a door will open and Unlocks (if its locked)! When you place the "special" item in the chest, It will be destroyed.


Place this script in the "OnDisturbed" on the Chest

The Script

void main()
    object oItem = GetInventoryDisturbItem();
    int nItemBase =  GetBaseItemType(oItem);
    if(GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF,"") == FALSE &&
       GetTag(oItem) == "SPECIEL ITEM-TAG" )
        object oDoor = GetObjectByTag("DOOR-TAG");

Foot note

"SPECIAL ITEM-TAG" = The TAG of the item that must be inserted into the chest to get the door opened!

"DOOR-TAG" = The Tag of the door that shall be Opened/Unlocked!

As I said before! This script is made by Bioware! But It can be a cool thing to add somewhere on your module!

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