The Docks district is the main waterfront district of the city of Neverwinter. It was featured in both Neverwinter Nights games. The docks is frequently plagued with thieves and smuggling activity due to it's port-side location, often with organized criminal leaders (such as the shadow thieves) overseeing activities.

In the first Neverwinter Nights, the docks was one of the areas in Chapter 1. The docks went into chaos after the cockatrice that escaped ended up in the hands of Vengaul Bloodsail, who had planned to try to auction it back to Lord Nasher.

The docks area are more prominent in the second game's official campaign, where it serves as the hub for the first half of the game. Both The Sunken Flagon and Sand's shop are located in this district, as well as a city watch barracks and Moire's hideout.

Unlike the other parts of Neverwinter, the docks district was relatively unchanged since the war with Luskan.

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