Favored Soul 10 / Paladin 4 / Frenzied Berserker 6 /Stormlord 10

Note: This build calls for lowering the wisdom to 10 when choosing an Aasimar paladin. It seems it does not want to go below eleven.

The purpose of Divine Frenzy Lord is to combine Epic Divine Might and Frenzy with the massive powers of a Stormlord and full Favored soul casting abilities. This build concentrates on creating massive damage on each hit of the spear, both physical damage through massive strength and Enhanced/Improved Power Attack, and magical damage with EDM and Stormlord bonuses. Then, with Supreme/Great Cleave, upon a killing blow, two more will be given to another withing melee reach, and two blows may be enough to fell many opponents, especially swarming monsters. This build does not rely on any magical items whatsoever, give him a mundane spear and heavy armor and he is ready to go.

Why these Race and Classes?Edit

Aasimar is the only race the can efficiently pull off the Divine Frenzy Lord.

  • The Aasimar's +2 Charisma bonus is integral in reacing Epic Divine Might.
  • The favored class of Paladin prevents any XP penalties

Favored Soul:

  • Full level 9 casting
  • Charisma based magic combines well with EDM


  • Used solely for Turn Undead allowing EDM

Frenzied Berserker:

  • Frenzy, giving the Frenzy Lord his namesake
  • Supreme Cleave
  • Enhanced Power Attack


  • Contunues a divine casting class
  • Massive bonuses to using a Spear
  • Extended Storm Avatar is icing on the proverbial cake

Character CreationEdit

STR 16 22
DEX 8 8
CON 16 16
INT 10 10
WIS 10 10
CHA 18 21
Base attack bonus 24
Fortitude save 23
Reflex save 13
Will save 17
Spell resistance
Hit Points
Natural AC

Note: BAB and saves are without any modifications, please let me know in the discussion board if I have made any mistakes.

CL Class Feat Bonus/Class Feats Attributes
1 Paladin Power Attack Smite Evil 1/day
2 Paladin Divine Grace, Lay on Hands
3 Paladin Cleave Aura of Courage, Divine Health
4 Favored Soul STR 17
5 Favored Soul
6 Favored Soul Great Cleave Weapon Focus Spear
7 Favored Soul
8 Frenzied Berserker Toughness, Frenzy x1 STR 18
9 Favored Soul Great Fortitude 1st Energy Resistance
10 Favored Soul
11 Stormlord Electrical Resist 5/-
12 Paladin Divine Might STR 19
13 Stormlord Enhanced Weapons +1, Shock Weapon
14 Frenzied Berserker Supreme Cleave
15 Frenzied Berserker Improved Power Attack Frenzy x2
16 Frenzied Berserker Deathless Frenzy STR 20
17 Frenzied Berserker Enhanced Power Attack, Frenzy x3
18 Stormlord Extend Spell
19 Stormlord Electrical Resist 10/-
20 Stormlord Shocking Burst Weapon CHR 19
21 Stormlord Great Charisma Enhanced Weapon +2
22 Stormlord Electrical Resist 15/-
23 Stormlord Great Strength Shocking Burst and Sonic Weapon
24 Stormlord Enhanced Weapon +3, Electricity Immunity CHR 21
25 Stormlord Epic Divine Might Extended Storm Avatar
26 Favored Soul
27 Favored Soul Persistent Spell
28 Favored Soul STR 22
29 Favored Soul Epic Energy Resistance 2nd Energy Resistance
30 Frenzied Berserker Inspire Frenzy x1


This build is actually fully developed at level 25 (Stormlord 10) gaining Epic Divine Might. The feats at levels 18, 27, and 29 are completely up to the user's discretion. Also, the last five levels can be any combination of Favored Soul, Paladin, and Frenzied Berserker (though I suggest at least two more levels of FS to gain level 9 Cleric spells).


With Epic Divine MightEdit

True variants of this build must use EDM. The only other possibility is to replace Paladin with Blackguard. However, I have been unable to create and efficient build using the Blackguard because it would require the first 8 levels to be Favored soul to aquire the necessary BAB to gain either Blackguard or Frenzied Berserker. The pros of such a variant would be being able to use a different race with a bonus to either CHR or STR, and also would allow the use of Talos as patron deity, the only true deity for a Stormlord.

Without Epic Divine MightEdit

These wouldn't really be variants of this build, but Frenzy Lords could be created by replacing the four levels of Paladin with nearly any High BAB class. Specifically, a human Fighter would have four extra feats to play around with.

--Baron Fel 22:23, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

Small noteEdit

Frenzied berzerkers must be a unlawful alignment. So unless you've managed to move your character's starting path from paladin a little more chaotic, you will not beable to achieve this build. Campaigners beware.

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