These 2da files are all similar.

  • des_treas_disp.2da lists all the “disposable” items that might be found
  • des_treas_ammo.2da lists all the “ammunition” items that might be found
  • des_treas_gold.2da lists all the “gems and gold” items that might be found

These 2da’s have the following fields:

  • Comment: not used
  • THigh: item resource reference
  • LabelHigh: label of THigh entry
  • TMed: item resource reference
  • LabelMed: label of TMed entry
  • TLow: item resource reference
  • LabelLow: label of TLow entry

The entries in the first row (row 0) of these 2da files are integers representing the number of items in the column. The label fields are for refence/readability only. Items are randomly selected from the appropriate column. Listing an item multiple times allows the frequency of that item to occur more often. To represent a stack of items, use the format: <resref>:<count> For example, an entry for 500 gold coins would be: nw_it_gold001:500

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