//RWT-OEI 08/11/05
//Prints a debug string to the screen at the given location for the given duration in the given color.
//It gets displayed on the screen of the object passed in as oTarget
void DebugPostString( object oTarget, string sMesg, int nX, int nY, float fDuration, int nColor=4294901760 );

This function must be enabled via ini files before the text can be seen on screen or in the logs. For details, see:

Other Scripting Notes Color Parameters

The color param for DebugPostString() is: first byte is alpha (level of transparency) (untested); the 3 right bytes control RGB values

Most other color params will likely be similar.

const int COLOR_RED = 4294901760; // FFFF0000

const int COLOR_GREEN = 4278255360; // FF00FF00

const int COLOR_BLUE = 4278190335; // FF0000FF

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