This article is about dying; for other uses, see Death (disambiguation).

In NWN2, when a character reaches 0 hit points, he or she falls unconscious. At the end of a battle (for example, when the combat music ends), any unconscious characters are returned to life with a single hit point. If all characters fall unconscious, then the party is defeated, and you must load a saved game. Automatic saves are very rare in NWN2, so you should never count on the game to have a save earlier than your last use of the world map. NWN2 apparently saves your game prior to any use of the world map.

Seeing as how some players find the Official Campaign to be particularly easy, you may wish to limit your use of saving the game, resting, or engage in other voluntary challenges. Beware of party death, however; you will not be able to choose to respawn!

Spells and scrolls exist to raise the dead. Use them on dead companions or PCs during combat.