Dark Ages is a charming blend of celtic folklore, history and high fantasy.

Dark Ages is a low magic, roleplay focused, alternate history, Persistent World. Set in the village of Blades, Northern England at approximately 600 AD. The Roman Senate has recalled it's legions from England to defend Rome from the Goths, the power vaccum created causes turmoil as the peoples of England rush to defend their homes from invading Angles and Saxons, savage man eating Picts (halflings) raid as far down as London, some Celtic kingdoms unite to see off these external threats, the Formorians plot to rid Tir Na Nog (Ireland) of the Elves. Many of the new Britons, many who still considering themselves Roman, are in a contest not only with themselves but with the Druids as well, for political control within the emerging kingdoms. Many parts of England are still wild and magical places, creatures of all types are abound.

Dark Ages has unique races, classes, crafting system, stand-alone questing and DM run events. We are an experienced team of Persistent World developers and DMs. Proudly brought to you by AussieNWN and we expect to have a Beta running in the first half of 2007.

Drop in and pay us a visit at AussieNWN

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