This is a greate tutorial]

Also not, that the function PlaySound() will not work on triggers. When used in this way, AssignCommand() the PlaySound() function to the PC or other object.

Do not confuse a sound file with a sound object. A Sound Object is a group of sounds, such as the one you place down in the Toolset.

For Example

Animal Cries Day, is a sound object and you would use SoundObjectPlay( object) To play the entire object. So you can place the sound, Mute it and then later when needed use SoundObjectPlay( GetObjectByTag( "Animal Cries Day")); to make it play and SoundObjectStop(object) to make it stop.

To play a single sound from that sound object you need the ResRef. Looking at the properties of Animal Cries Day, we have a list of sounds.

  • as_an_cryday1
  • as_an_cryday2
  • as_an_cryday3
  • as_an_cryday4

To simply play as_an_cryday1 alone, you would use PlaySound( "as_an_cryday1");

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