// Creates a Trap on the object specified.
// - nTrapType: The base type of trap (TRAP_BASE_TYPE_*)
// - oObject: The object that the trap will be created on. Works only on Doors and Placeables.
// - nFaction: The faction of the trap (STANDARD_FACTION_*).
// - sOnDisarmScript: The OnDisarm script that will fire when the trap is disarmed.
//                    If "" no script will fire.
// - sOnTrapTriggeredScript: The OnTrapTriggered script that will fire when the
//                           trap is triggered.
//                           If "" the default OnTrapTriggered script for the trap
//                           type specified will fire instead (as specified in the
//                           traps.2da).
// Note: After creating a trap on an object, you can change the trap's properties
//       using the various SetTrap* scripting commands by passing in the object
//       that the trap was created on (i.e. oObject) to any subsequent SetTrap* commands.
void CreateTrapOnObject(int nTrapType, object oObject, int nFaction=STANDARD_FACTION_HOSTILE, string sOnDisarmScript="", string sOnTrapTriggeredScript="")

WARNING: This function is missing from NWN2 and any scripts which are imported containing this function will not compile

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