Coveya Kurg'annis is a sunken Imaskari ruin off-shore Lake Mulsantir, to east of the city of Mulsantir.

The CovenEdit

The ruin is inhabited by the Slumbering Coven, a hag coven who invade dreams and store knowledge gathered. Because of this, they are frequently visited by those seeking their wealth of knowledge. Two such visitors included Nefris and Lienna seeking to end the Betrayer's curse.

Because the ruins are mostly submerged, visitors must enter through the Plane of Shadow, where the water level is low enough that a functional bridge is available.

In the central chamber lie the Slumbering Coven, suspended in eternal sleep within a protective field. The facility is manned by various hagspawn guards, and a hag known as the "Mistress."

The SkeinEdit

The lower section of the facility is the Skein, a subterranean maze where the hags send people they never want to see again. Among its most prominent residents is the mad hag Gulk'aush, whose insane ramblings can be heard echoing throughout the corridors. It's already driven the other (living) prisoners in the maze insane. In addition, many old Imaskari machines are still operating in the facility.

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