This article is about the companion. For the creature type, see Construct (Creature Type).


Construct (true neutral construct fighter) is a joinable NPC in Neverwinter Nights 2.

"An animated suit of thick metal and armor, this blade golem is a fearsome automation bound to its controller’s will. Its right arm is a blade as long as a grown human. The armored plates of this golem have a metallic blue sheen and the styling of the armor is unlike the fashion of armor found in the Sword Coast. Standing well over eight feet tall, this metal giant moves with remarkable speed and grace despite its mass."


To reactivate the Construct, you need three items:

  • Glowwater from Ember Well Caves (Grobnar must be with you)
  • The tome found in Aldanon's book shelf in Crossroad Keep
  • Runepieces from the cauldron in the Arvahn Gem Mines

After collecting all three items, return to Crossroad Keep and speak with Grobnar in the basement to reactivate the Construct (All items must be in your inventory or it will not work).


The Construct has very good stats (Str 26 Dex 14 Con 22 Int 14 Wis 10 Chr 8). It only specializes in its own creature weapons, which sadly cannot be enchanted in any way. As a construct, it is immune to many things, like mind manipulation, sneak attacks, and critical hits.

As a pure fighter acquired in the second chapter, the Construct isn't very customizable, but it is specced well for what it does. The player can also apply several enhancements through the use of Craft Alchemy, Craft Weapon, and Craft Armor, but due to programming missteps this section of the Construct's dialogue is bugged so that succeeding will provide the wrong feats - 5-point Warlock resistances to fire, cold, and electricity. These resistances upgrade to 10 points when the Construct reaches level 20. With the Alchemy upgrade, if you fail in the attempt and Sand is in your party, he will speak and reluctantly offer to help. If you let him, he will do the upgrade for you, which in the base game may do nothing or may apply the Warlock feat Resist Fire and Energy. A totally untrained Intelligence 14 character can pass the DC 15 needed in each of the skills, with the help of a Headband of Intelligence +8, Grobnar's Inspire Competence, a Greater Heroism spell, and the Greater Gloves of the Artificer.

To fix this, download this simple mod and install it into your game's override folder. Doing so will make sure all the correct feats are rewarded and that Sand's intervention will always succeed.

If the mod is installed, these upgrades give the Construct a +3 AC boost from the armour improvement, a +6 Strength from the weapon boost and +15 hit points from the alchemy upgrade. After killing the Shadow Reaver who carries the Tome of Iltkazar, you can use it to upgrade the Construct further. Have the tome in your inventory, and both Grobnar and the Construct outside of your active party. Talk to Grobnar and ask him to use the tome to upgrade the Construct. The Construct will gain +2 to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution.


The Construct is a Blade Golem first seen when Black Garius sends it against the Githyanki assassins that were hiding in Neverwinter. It attacks both the Githyanki and PC party and after being damaged enough escapes through a Githyanki portal and is captured. The Githyanki somehow manage to damage it and render it inert. The PC comes across the Construct again when rescuing Shandra in the Githyanki's stronghold where it is being torn apart by Ammon Jerro's demons. After rescuing Shandra, the PC brings the Construct back with him/her and Grobnar attempts to repair it. A minor quest is activated where the PC must find parts in order to help Grobnar repair the Construct. Shortly before the Construct is reactivated, Bishop manages to trick Grobnar into giving him the override code for the Construct.

The final fate of the Construct is determined by the PC's influence with Bishop and Grobnar. If the PC has high influence with Bishop, the Construct remains under Grobnar's control. If the PC has low influence with Bishop and low influence with Grobnar, Bishop gains control of the Construct with the override commands and uses it to fight against the PC. If the PC has low influence with Bishop but high influence with Grobnar, Bishop will initially succeed in gaining control of the Construct but Grobnar will reveal that he has another set of override commands which grant the Construct free will. The Construct then decides to side with Grobnar and the PC against Bishop and Black Garius. It is assumed to be missing along with the PC and Grobnar after the defeat of the King of Shadows.