Whats happening with the scripting functionsEdit

For those of you who are interested, I am in the process of adding all the script functions and constants that are listed in the pre-order toolset. Several things are being done while this process is happening and I am sure that I have made some mistakes so feel free to jump in there and correct information where you can

  • Functions are being placed into specific categories to make it easier to find
  • New functions are placed in Category:Added functions
  • Modified functions are placed in Category:Modified functions
  • Any function which is either missing or has changed its signature enough to cause compiling to fail are placed in Category:Import Concern functions
  • I am attempting to reference all constants
  • I am also attempting to also cross-reference all scripts
    • I dont think there is a need to do a "See also" section as this can generally be found by going to the category the function is in instead

Once this has been done I will actually go into the new toolset to check and see if perhaps it is only the listing of the functions which is incorrect (there does appear to be some "bugs" in the list) and update this information as it comes to light. I have actually tried exporting and importing several functions which I believe would be a problem and those functions did not get modified on import, there were no warnings given and they simply just FAILED to compile. Why this was done is beyond me, as it is probably the worst way in which they could have done it and it will cause people long hours of trying to find errors. Hopefully I can prevent some of those errors by providing notes where possible so people can be warned in advanced.

What other people can do:

  • Reference the relevent functions from your scripts in the script directory to the actual functions
    • This may also highlight those functions which are no longer available and thus prove your script wont work
  • Fix any mistakes that you find or add new categories if you feel the function deserves to be there
  • Link the relevant functions into the events so that people know which functions to use to get information when that event is fired

Enjoy! Enigmatic 04:44, 7 October 2006 (PDT)

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