Wi playershandbook The information on this page includes speculation of what will be included in NWN2. It derives from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules from the SRD or other sources, but Obsidian may change the actual implementation in the game.

While Obsidian has not yet confirmed the whether this effect is in NWN2, it is a side effect of the Brimstone Blast invocation which has been confirmed.

A character that has been set on fire is immolating. Each round, the subject & its equipment take 1d6 fire damage. A new Reflex save vs. DC 15 is allowed each round to put the fire out. +4 bonus for rolling on the ground or having useful help. The fire goes out automatically if the subject is doused with water, jumps in a lake, etc.

Note: Getting set on fire by brimstone blast does 2d6 damage each round.

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