// CalcPointAwayFromPoint
// Created By:  Brock Heinz - OEI
// Created On:  02/10/06
// Description: This will create a new point directly away from a starting 
//              point
// Arguments:
//  lPoint              - The point you are starting from
//  lAwayFromPoint      - The point you want to generate a new location away from
//  fDistance           - How far away you want the new point to be. This can
//                          be a negative value. (i.e. to generate a point nearer
//                          or even past the away point
//  fAngularVariance    - This will add some randomness to the position of the
//                        new point. Values are in degrees, from 0 to 180
//  bComputeDistFromStart - If TRUE, then the new point is fDistance away from
//                          lPoint. If FALSE, then it is fDistance away from 
//                          lAwayFromPoint.
// Returns: A location away from lAwayFromPoint based on the position of 
//          lPoint. Note that if there is an error, lPoint is returned
location CalcPointAwayFromPoint( location lPoint, location lAwayFromPoint, float fDistance, float fAngularVariance, int bComputeDistFromStart );

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